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Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug

Number of posts : 333
Age : 23
Location : Sydney, Australia
Job/hobbies : Playing Team Fortress 2, Directing Machinima, Acting In Machinima
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Registration date : 2008-08-24

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PostSubject: Forum FAQ   Forum FAQ Empty25th October 2008, 07:54

Who are you guys?
We are a group of guys who make machinima. We consist of; Midg3y, Falcon, ThermalSausage, BennY, Retarded and HARLO.

What game do you film in?
We use Team Fortress 2, although in the future we could also film in Half Life 2 or Counter Strike: Source.

Can I join?
Yes you can, just fill out this form below.


Steam Name:

Why You Want To Join:

What You Can Do eg. Edit, Compose Music:

And we will look into it.

Where are you guys from?
We’re from Australia.

Can I donate?
If you want to donate, you can click on Community Chest which is at the bottom of the forum if you scroll down. We will also add a donate bar to our blog.

What programs do you use?
PAINT.NET, Photoshop, Source Recorder, Audacity, Source SDK and Sony Vegas 8.0

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Forum FAQ
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