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 Coffee Mug Productions - The Team

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Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug

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Job/hobbies : Playing Team Fortress 2, Directing Machinima, Acting In Machinima
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PostSubject: Coffee Mug Productions - The Team   Coffee Mug Productions - The Team Empty25th August 2008, 07:49

Here is a list of members who are part of the Coffee Mug Productions team.

Director, Actor, Writer, Filmer, Image Editor -Midg3y

Actor, Faceposing Editor, Filmer -ThermalSausage

Video Editor, Filmer, Actor - Commander Cool

Actor, Artist - R3tard

Actor - BennY

Actor - HARLO

Actor - Drunken Mnky =]

The Administrators are...

Root Admin - Midg3y

Admin - Commander Cool

Admin - ThermalSausage

Moderator - HARLO

Moderator - BennY

Moderator - Drunken Mnky =]

Moderator - R3tard

I will be continuing to update this page.

Last Update - 4:50 pm, 3rd September 2008
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Coffee Mug Productions - The Team
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